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Rastafari, Jesus and the Bible

Rastafari, Jesus and the Bible

Reggae music is enjoyed by many and for various reasons, and the Rastafari movement has penetrated the American consciousness. What do Rastafari’s believe? After all, they use the Bible and believe in God – Jah.

Boonville has enjoyed the good vibrations of the World Music Festival for several years. We’ve enjoyed talking to many people that attend over the years. This event is always packed out and some VBF folks usually set up a booth, sharing the gospel of Christ, and giving away Bibles to some of the more than 10,000 visitors who come to the Festival.

In this excellent and very enlightening sermon Rastafari, Jesus and the Bible, attended by some of the Festival visitors, pastor/elder Dave Kooyers sets out the basics of Rastifari beliefs and compares them honestly with the Scriptures. What comes through is the clarity of the gospel and the unique person and work of Jesus Christ.

The PowerPoints that go along with the audio are available at:

For some Jah-glorifying Reggae, here’s a link to some Christafari.