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The clarifying effect of Christianity

“I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen, not only that I see it, but by it I see everything else.” — CS Lewis Read

Books-Salvation and Sovereignty: A Molinist Approach

Salvation and Sovereignty: A Molinist Approach – Kenneth Keathley How do we earnestly and honestly deal with the clear teachings of Scripture that show that God is truly sovereign over the entire universe, over people and over the salvation of individuals, and those that show that humans have real responsibility before God for moral choice […] Read

“God is bigger than his Word…”

I’ve noticed a troubling twist in a few conversations with believers, and it shows up when one tries to engage these particular folks with the certainty of the nature of God from the Scriptures. They balk at the idea of Scriptural boundaries and doctrinal precision about what the Triune God is and is not. Further […] Read

Silly Putty Bible Study

Many treat the Bible like putty. A classic indicator that this is happening in your Bible study is when the question is asked, "What does this passage mean to you?" Just add the Spirit, and it can be molded into almost anything at all. In this article, Greg Koukl highlights a non-Christian abuse of the Scriptures routinely done by many Christians.


Halloween: Pagan, Catholic, or Just Fun?

Halloween and paganism are, for some reason, irrevocably linked in some Christians’ minds. However, this should not be so, for modern secular Halloween and paganism actually have very little to do with each other. The Halloween that is celebrated today in the United States is a day when children and adults alike dress up and […] Read

We were blessed as Tom Meyer combined history, research, explorations and personal experience of living in the Land of the Bible for 1,000 days to reveal fascinating information concerning the archeology and geography of Israel. We gained- Information to equip concerning the archeological, geographical, and historical features of the Land of the Bible, with special emphasis […] Read

Very moving: Our Baptismal Service!

We experienced a very exciting and moving day Sunday afternoon. Our fellowship held a baptism at the home of one of the families in our church. The water was cool but hearts were warmed by the love of the Lord and appreciation for the support of everyone present to witness this important day. In all, […] Read

Ancient Words – Enjoying a great song

Recently our fellowship has been enjoying singing a great anthem, written by Michael W. Smith. It’s a touching tribute to the power and efficiency of the scriptures to impact the life of the believer who heeds the ancient words. Click here to listen and watch Ancient Words in Youtube. Enjoy! Read

Teens and Mutant Christianity. Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

Once in a while even CNN gets it right. In this intimidating and sobering article, Author: More teens becoming ‘fake’ Christians, John Blake nails it! He says that the Christianity that most teens raised in churches get is not orthodox and living. It is a ‘moralistic therapeutic deism.’ This is a wake-up call on how […] Read

No One Remembered!

This entry in the June 22nd Our Daily Bread was so profound that it bears repeating here. ——— In a commentary on Ecclesiastes 9:15, Martin Luther cites the story of Themistocles, the soldier and statesman who commanded the Athenian squadron. Through his strategy, he won the Battle of Salamis, drove the Persian army from Greek […] Read

Parents, obey your children?

Al Mohler warns parents of the upside-down portrayal of the proper parent/child relationship found in contemporary picture books for children. It’s an apt warning for all of us trying to raise respectful, God-fearing, well adjusted children to be aware of, and push back hard against such damaging influences. Read

Part 2 of the series on self-deception, on SharperIron.org. This one covers group-think and group-deception. Read

This article on individual self-deception, part 1 in a series on SharperIron.org, is excellent and a clear mirror for self-examination. Read

Here is a great story about a Lebanese Christian family who worked positively through the years against bias against black customers who just wanting to eat some great BBQ. But it raises a question for the thinking, biblical Christian,,, Read

Would it make sense to lock your house and its contents carefully before you left, and then turn around and hand your keys to a thief to hold? It would seem that Christians have been doing that for years with… knowledge. Paul Henebury, shows in The Frame of Knowledge article just how that happened and […] Read

“The big question is not whether spiritual warfare exists, clearly it does. The question is, what are the spiritual disciplines that we employ to take effective part in spiritual warfare?” Greg Koukl In this superb article, Tilting at Windmills, Koukl makes a point about the true nature of Biblical spiritual warfare, over and against the […] Read

For an un-nuanced, good definition (and a humorous view) of this emphasis in Emerging circles, check out this motivational poster. Read

What science can’t prove – Greg Koukl

A great, quick read helping to understand what science can and cannot claim to prove. Koukl focuses on claims that science has proven that God does not exist. What science can’t prove. Read

The stability that comes from assurance

A couple years back I experienced a weeklong bout of severe and debilitating vertigo, caused by a virus that attacked my peripheral nervous system. I awoke one morning to a world that was spinning so fast that all I could do was screw my eyes shut and half-crawl, half stagger to the bathroom where  I […] Read

Bumpersticker: “Love is grand; divorce is a hundred grand.” The issue of divorce and remarriage is a “hot button” issue among Christians and has been a source of struggle and contention over the centuries. In our preaching series through the gospel of Mark we’re pausing in chapter ten to broaden and deepen our study as […] Read

You’d think that was great news, considering the hand-wringing that other first-world countries are going through at their declining birth-rates. However, in this CNN report, we see just how cynical and downright weird the world-view of some “experts” is! For example, how’s this for a gem of condescension: “Experts believe there is a mix of […] Read

Join us as we read thru the Scriptures in a year. Click on the Scripture reference to read online, Or Download entire year schedule in MS Word doc. Sun, Jan 20: Lev 26-27; Mark 2 Sun, Jan 27: Num 15-16; Mark 6:1-29 Mon, Jan 21: Num 1-2; Mark 3:1-19 Mon, Jan 28: Num 17-19; Mark […] Read

The true meaning of Christmas (new sermon recording)

Have you ever wondered what Christmas was really all about? Tired of the call to “keep Jesus in Christmas”? Here’s a fresh look at the ageless question in a new podcast/sermon recording, The True Meaning of Christmas (click here for MP3). Read

The LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) recently responded officially to a list of questions about Mormonism posed by FoxNews. The LDS is attempting to cast itself as a “misunderstood” Christian denomination. We’ve posted some of those Foxnews questions, the response of the LDS, and then our questions and comments in indented […] Read

I’ve been thinking about the connection between Darwinian naturalism and Hitler’s attemts at perfecting a superior human race of supermen via eugenics and all of a sudden this article on that exact topic pops up. Oxford professor, Richard Dawkins, author of the book, The God Delusion, thinks that Hitler’s eugenics program was not all bad. […] Read

The cat is out of the bag. The tomb and remains of Jesus and his wife and son have been found in a burial cave in Jerusalem. That’s the end of historical Christianity, or so film director James Cameron (of Titanic fame) would have us believe. You can read about it here. Of course, just […] Read

Fox Aces Out the Gnostics!

Bible students from Boonville, Potter Valley and Ukiah enjoyed serve after great serve of sound doctrine in St. John’s 1st Epistle. Dr. George Fox delivered power serves in back to back sets over three days at Ukiah Bible Church and Potter Valley Bible Church. With his backhanded humor and strong forehand, Fox showed how the […] Read

What is the truly Biblical (not pop-"Christian" cultural) basis for unity among believers and what is the basis for separation from false teaching and apostasy. Read

Many have asked and wondered why the pastors of Valley Bible Fellowship do not regularly issue an "altar call" or ask people to "come forward." This article helps not only to explain some of our reasons for not doing so, but it is very helpful in explaining our motivation for doing some things and not doing others. Read


Join us as we read thru the Scriptures in a year. Click on the Scripture reference to read online, O[more]

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